China Europe Foundation profile

Shanghai China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) Education Development Foundation (CEIBS Foundation for short)is a non-profit organization registered officially at Shanghai Bureau of Civil Affairs in March 2005 with the approval of Shanghai Education Committee. As a private foundation, it aims to provide more international and professional means, encourage and assist alumni and all walks of life to support the development and construction of CEIBS through donations of various forms. CEIBS Foundation also supports the teaching and research activities of business administration, absorbs excellent faculty and students, and provides support and guarantee for the sustainable development of CEIBS.

By adhering to the philosophy of "Invest in education, reward the society", Yincheng Group has been supporting the research and teaching of CEIBS through continuous donations, promoting the combination of production, teaching, and research, boosting management education, assisting CEIBS in creating more knowledge wealth for the society and enterprises, and bringing up more senior management personnel.

By the end of 2017, Yincheng Group had accumulatively donated RMB 6 million in total. All the donations have been used for Wu Jinglian Academic Fund and Dishuiquan Student Aid Public-benefit Program under CEIBS Foundation.

Wu Jinglian Academic Fund

Wu Jinglian Academic Fund is an open special fund donated and initiated personally by Prof. Wu Jinglian. Founded under CEIBS Foundation, the fund is designed as an award for excellent students to apply for CEIBS MBA program, and as a support for the academic teambuilding of CEIBS.

Dishuiquan Student Aid Public-benefit Program

This program enables those young talents who cannot receive first-rate global business education due to their own limited economic capacity to embark on a journey of study at CEIBS and an expedition to their dreams.

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